hearty lunches To LAST THE DAY

High-quality ingredients and hearty meals to make the best part of your day even better.  All lunch items are served with choice of Home-Cut Fries, Tossed Salad, or Caesar Salad.

  • 6 oz. Steak Sandwich 25

    Charbroiled & served on a thick slice of garlic bread with vegetables

  • Pizza & Salad 18

    6″ pizza with two regular toppings, served with tossed or Caesar salad

  • Chicken Caesar Wrap 15

    Crispy breaded chicken strips & Caesar salad wrapped in a flour tortilla

  • Salisbury Steak 18

    Ground Alberta beef sautéed & topped with mushrooms, onions, and smothered in our homemade gravy

  • Liver & Onions 16

    One piece of breaded beef liver served with sautéed onions and covered with gravy & bacon

  • Soup & Salad 11

    Soup du jour with your choice of tossed or Caesar salad

  • Omelette 14

    Build your own omelette by choosing any three toppings

  • Triple-Decker Chicken Clubhouse 15

    Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato & cheese, piled high on your choice of bread

  • Reuben Sandwich 16

    Corned beef, mozzarella cheese & sauerkraut served on rye

  • BLT Sandwich 12

    A toasted bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich

  • Steak and Eggs 27

    6 oz. sirloin charbroiled with two eggs (any style) and bacon, with your choice of white or brown bread

  • Nick's Classic Burger 17

    Our 8 oz. homemade classic burger

  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap 15

    Crispy breaded chicken tossed in our buffalo wing sauce with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatoes & bacon wrapped in a flour tortilla

  • Italian Combo 16

    One piece of veal-stuffed cannelloni & Caesar salad make this a lunch time favourite

  • Veal Cutlets 17

    One breaded veal cutlet topped with gravy and served with vegetables

  • Pasta & Salad 13

    Your choice of spaghetti or fettucine pasta in either alfredo, meat, or tomato sauce

  • Fish & Chips 18

    Homemade English-style cod served with tartar sauce & lemon

  • The Beltch 16

    Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese & ham on toasted white or brown bread - mayo available upon request

  • Corned Beef Sandwich 14

    Thinly sliced corned beef on rye bread